The sneaker game was never the same after Fat Joe licked the outsole of his O.G. Air Jordan VII "Olympics" on MTV Cribs. While it spawned a phenomenon of ridiculous photos and certainly brought new meaning to the term "sneakerhead," it never did cross that line of just being flat-out bizarre. Not like this discovery of a sneaker fetish that's been going on, which involves ruining your sneakers with pudding.

Gawker recently explored this subculture where the rouse comes from putting your foot into a sneaker that's been filled with things like pudding, ice cream, and whipped cream. And not unlike your typical sneaker review or unboxing video, people record themselves performing this sensual act and share it out to the world. Gawker discovered a user on YouTube who had uploaded a collection of his own videos where he destroyed Nike Air Force 1s and Dunks.

It's always awesome when 'heads actually wear their sneakers, but this definitely takes that notion to another level. Now, when you talk about your "beaters," you might want to clarify what you mean.

[via Gawker]