Listen up, nerds.

For all of you that want to combine your passion for Mexican sneakers with your love of anime: Dragon Ball Z sneakers have arrived! Heredia Clothing has put together a three-part collection of sneakers inspired directly from the Japanese animated series. The three pairs draw design and color elements from the characters Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks and are set to retail for about $27 (400 pesos). So, we don’t want to hear about the rising cost of sneakers from you anymore.

If you’re looking to cop these, unless you’re in Mexico, it might be a little difficult. The official Heredia Clothing website seems to have lapsed, but if you wanted to get to Expo TNT (a kind of Comic Con in Guadalajara Jan 31 –Feb 1) you can get your jawns signed by the Mexican voice actors who cover Goku and Vegeta in the series.

Check out Heredia’s Facebook page for more information on copping. These might be the perfect pairs to wear with your Dragon Ball Z x BAPE pick ups.

[via Anime New Network]