A man in Framingham, Mass. recently avoided jail time when a judge accepted his new Nikes as a form of payment.

Jason Duval was recently arrested on a warrant stemming from possession charges. The charges were supposed to be dropped after a payment of $450 in court fees. But Duval never made it. Citing hardships from his ongoing divorce, Duval stated he didn't have any money. Knowing Duval would never pay if he let him off without bail, Judge Douglas Stoddart offered Duval the option of going off to jail in lieu of money.

When Duval declined that option, Judge Stoddart gave Duval the option to get creative.
 This is when Duval offered up his brand new Nikes, a pair he recently received as a Christmas gift. Judge Stoddart accepted Duval's sneakers and upon making a $100 payment, will be able to get them back. 

[via My Fox Boston]

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