Something tells us only Serena could get away with this. After feeling a little sluggish and jet-lagged down under at the Hopman Cup, Williams asked the chair umpire if she was allowed to have an espresso. Since she is Serena, the ref obliged and an official went and fetched her a cup of joe.

Serena's cup of coffee ended up being an effective elixir to her woes, as she defeated opponent Falvia Pennetta by a score of 0-6, 6-3, 6-0. You see, even the world's top ranked women's player in the world needs her coffee break. Athletes eating food while on the field of play isn't exactly an unprecedented practice. You may remember in 2009 when Mark Sanchez, then on the Jets, enjoyed a hot dog on the sidelines in a game against the Raiders, which he was later criticized for. If you go even further back, you might remember Don Mattingly helping himself to young fan's popcorn when chasing down a foul ball at Yankee Stadium. However, we don't think hot dogs and popcorn have the same performance enhancing effects as a cup of coffee.

Watch Serena's coffee break above and let us know if you can remember any other times an athlete indulged in a quick snack break during a game or match.


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