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Stop us if you've heard this story before: a new uniquely desgined running shoe has hit the market promising to make you run faster. However, what makes the Ampla Fly different from other out-of-the-box running shoes is it's use of actual science rather than fancy marketing to back it up, according to sports science physician Dr. Marcus Elliott.

The Ampla Fly running shoe uses carbon-fiber flanged sole designed to maximize the force of each push-off, which in turn gives you a bit of a spring-powered boost. The unorthodox design is also said to reduce the risk of injury and improve your running form. According to Elliott, the Ampla Fly was designed based off of the findings of data points collected from high speed cameras and force plates at his P3 lab in Santa Barbara, California.

While you may be chomping at the bit of the idea of increasing your running times with the Ampla  Fly, you should know that the shoe isn't for everyone. Ampla advises runners to do extra drills, form work and speed training for best results. In other words, the Ampla Fly isn't for beginners and it's going to take a lot more than a simple shoe to get faster.

Look for the Ampla fly to hit shelves in February 2015 for the price of $180. Get a look at the shoe above and let us know if you believe the hype surrounding it.

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