Over the past year or so, #ntdenim, or the crisis of wearing bad jeans with great sneakers, has become a shaming hashtag. Sneakerheads across social media are afraid of wearing their best pairs with denim that might sit on them a little too gratuitously. This could all be solved by wearing the correct pants with the right sneakers. Some silhouettes are big and bulky and can be worn with a more straight-leg pair of jeans, while other runners are so narrow that any non-slim denim will swallow them alive. There's also the choice of wearing joggers and tapered sweats, which both show off any sneaker more cleanly and look good with almost any silhouette. But there's also pinrolling jeans, the act of tidying up the cuff and opening of a pair of denim. This should only be reserved to runners or low-cut classics such as the Stan Smith. 

Regardless of what sneakers you're wearing, though, there's always a proper pair of pants to wear with them. And they'll only accentuate the footwear of choice.