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Nike's set to release a three-sneaker Air Trainer collection, and the design inspiration might just surprise you.

SneakerBoots? Not this time. Weatherized paneling? Not even close.

The upcoming pack is a nod to tropical islands and warm beaches—quite the surprise for a sneaker releasing in the month of December in the States. The collection consists of Air Trainers I - III, and each silhouette is decked out in warm tonal colors. The Air Trainer I features a subdued red that represents red clay soils, the II is covered in a shade of green that serves as a nod to the ocean, and the III is done up in a light brown for the sandy beaches.

Yeah, we wish it was summer already.

Look for the Air Trainer II and III to release this Saturday, December 13, on Nike Store. The Is will release on December 27.

[via Nike]