What's worse than not knowing the history of a retro sneaker? How about butchering the name of the brand completely, which is what Americans have apparently been doing for decades with the adidas brand.

Business Insider Australia set things straight recently, stating the proper way to pronounce the name of the German sportswear company is actually "AH-dee-das," which places an emphasis on the first syllable. It's a pronunciation common among Europeans.

On the flip side, a majority of consumers in the States stress the second syllable and pronounce it like "ah-DEE-das," which is basically what Run-D.M.C. taught us in the hit track "My adidas" from the late '80s.

Given the German history of the brand and the fact that the name comes from the company's founder Adi Dassler, you can't really oppose this, er, revelation.

[via Business Insider Australia]