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Menswear sneaker company Greats Brand just continues to keep adding to its selection of affordable luxury goods.

The Brooklyn-based brand is set to release a brand new "Natural Selection" pack that features its popular The Royale model updated as a high-top and chukka. Both sneakers are constructed of a tanned goat crust leather upper with a Margom sole. The Royale High and Chukka styles are also lined in full-grain Vachetta leather and come with waxed cotton laces.

The "Natural Selection" pack allows for each sneaker to be truly unique to the wearer as it will age and conform depending on activities and lifestyle. The result is a one-of-a-kind sneaker that reveals your own story.

"We thought that by offering our product in it's purest form, it would allow for a better narrative," said Greats' Footwear Design Director Salehe Bembury​. "The owner will get to see their shoes age and change with them."

Both styles will be available on December 23 on Greats' online store. The High will cost $199, while the Chukka will be slightly lower at $189. Each pair is limited to 100 styles each.