Last week, Rihanna was named as the new creative director for Puma, in which she'll be responsible for the women's aspect of the brand. In the past, the singer has been seen in sneakers, mostly Air Jordans, but she's also become a style icon — being given the official honor by the CFDA in 2014.

Besides name recognition, Rihanna moving to Puma feels like a big deal. She has an eye for trends and has been involved with brand campaigns in the past, most notably her collection with River Island.

This also isn't the first time that Puma has worked with female artists, either. The brand recently put out collections with Solange and Sophia Chang. But Rihanna's fame and influence is on another level, and this move will undoubtedly get more style-forward women to pay attention to Puma.

But what do the girls who obsess over sneakers the most, the female sneakerheads, think about this venture? We reached out to 10 women, who either work in the sneaker industry or are noted sneakerheads, and got their takes on the matter. Their opinions varied, but they were honest and reactionary. To hear what they had to say, check out What Female Sneakerheads Think of Rihanna As Puma's New Creative Director.