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Push-Up With Shoulder Tap

Tap into you and bae's inner strength with this exercise. Begin by facing your partner in a modified push-up position. Next, lower your bodies by bending at the arms with the abdominals engaged. Lift yourself back up and tap your partner's left shoulder with your right hand (and vice-versa for your partner). Complete 10 to 12 reps, alternating hands each time.



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Partner Press And Row

If you want to get in a good workout with bae, while also getting a general idea of how rowing a boat works, maybe this the exercise for you and your partner. Connected by two resistance tubes, you or your partner will stand in front of the other. The person in front will step forward and press the handlebars forward (in a traditional chest press movement), while the person in back will simultaneously pull the handlebars back and squeeze their shoulder blades together (completing a basic row). Complete eight to 12 reps, change positions and repeat.


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High-Five Up Down

Anything with a high-five in it is good, right? Although exhausting, the high-five up down is great to do with your partner. Begin in a plank position facing each other, and lower yourself onto your left forearm followed by your right forearm. Next, push yourself back up so you're on your left hand and then your right. Your partner will be doing the same movies, but with the opposite hand. At the end of the rep -- when you're back up on both hands -- high five your bae and keep going until you complete eight to 10 reps.


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Image via Youtube.com


Elevated Push-Ups

Standard push-ups are so passé. Sure, doing elevated push-ups in public will result in curious stares and laughs, but both individuals are benefitting from the exercise. And because you'll be laughing at how ridiculous you and your partner look, you'll also be working out your abs. Why not kill two birds with one stone through a set of elevated push-ups?


Image via Fitness Magazine
Image via Fitness Magazine


The Dip N' Sit

Because we all know basic wall sits and triceps dips are no fun, try this one out with bae. As the guy or girl wall sits, the other can do tricep dips. However, if you're the one doing tricep dips make sure your hands are on your partners knees, and not their quads. Do 20 reps as your partner holds their squat, then switch positions. (And even include a medicine ball in the workout for good measure.)


Image via Asij Cross Training
Image via Asij Cross Training


Hook Squats

The true way to someone's heart is by working out their (and your) glutes. Stand back to back with your partner, arms locked together, and get into a proper squat position with knees over ankles. As you squat down together, slowly walk clockwise while still squatting in a circle. Once the circle has been completed, count to 20 and walk in a circle counterclockwise. Do three sets of these, and make sure to motivate each other as the exercise gets harder.



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Image via Health24.com


Partner Leg Throwdown

Sometimes our significant other can make us mad, and for those moments we have the Partner Leg Throwdown. How this works is that you or your partner lies on the floor while the other stands over them with their feet on either side of the floor person's head. The person lying on the floor grabs their partner's ankles and, with their feet together and legs straight, raises their legs in the air while keeping their back flat on the floor. When their feet are perpendicular to the floor, the standing partner shoves them back towards the ground hard, while the person on the floor tries to control their legs with their core muscles. Your bae might be mad at you initially, but after this exercise they'll be good to go (hopefully).


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Kneeling Partner Twists

A couple with rock hard abs stay together. (Ok, maybe not, but it's possible.) In order to do this exercise you need either a medicine ball, or any other similar sized ball. Kneel on the floor back-to-back, and slowly twist to one side to hand the ball off to your partner (who should be turning toward you). As they turn to hand the ball back to you, make sure you twist to the other side. Once you pass the ball in that direction for 60 to 90 seconds, repeat the exercise in reverse.


Image via ivillage
Image via Ivillage.com


Wheelbarrow Push-Up With Squat

The best part of this exercise is that you get a great view of your bae's butt. But seriously, this exercise is great for the lower and upper body. Begin in the top of a push-up, and have your partner hold your feet in their hands. Do as many push-ups as you can while keeping your core tight. As you lower yourself down, your partner should also lower themselves into a squat, keeping their arms straight and tightening their butt muscles. Do 10-20 reps in each position, and then enjoy some post-workout fun.


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Superman Wrestle

It has Superman in it, so of course it's an exercise worth doing. (Plus it works out your lower back, butt and hamstrings.) Lay facedown on the ground facing your partner, and extend your arms with palms completely touching. Next, lift your chest and feet off the ground a few inches, while squeezing your glutes and looking at your partner. After remaining in this position for 30 seconds gently lower yourself, and repeat the exercise three times. (And yes, this video only features one person, but you'll get the idea of what you and bae are supposed to do.)

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