As the intersection of sneakers and men's fashion continually merge, this year proved that sneakers were here to stay in the closets of stylish dudes everywhere, and not just sneakerheads. The menswear crowd, once beholden to hardbottoms and blazers, has, over the last few years, propelled themselves away from traditional footwear to more comfortable and sportier ground.

We've seen time and again how sneaker culture has infiltrated the fashion world from the likes of Alexander Wang and Hood By Air's runways to lookbooks from freshfaced newcomer Aimé Leon Dore, and this year has really seen the movement take over. While the sneakers on this list are also kicks that most sneakerheads would probably rock, they work especially well with fashion-forward 'fits.  From high-end takes on low-key classics to footwear that looks like it came straight from the future, we take a look at The 15 Best Menswear Sneakers of 2014