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I know the Stan Smith hype dissipated, like, six months ago, but did anyone else completely miss these chalk white/black variants? Damn, shits are heated. There's a sneaky sheen on the embossed upper, which sits neatly atop the contemplative off-white sole. Hello, sir? Can I get a Pantone color match on this sneaker, please? Yes, I'm happy to wait. Okay, great. Thanks. WE'VE GOT A MATCH. It's 11-4301 aka the same color as your chain smoking ex-girlfriend's formerly white shower curtain. Or her teeth. Normally, I'd finish it there, but I really wanna mention that beautifully contrasting (and super rare) matte black heel patch/lining. I'VE NEVER SEEN A MATTE HEEL PATCH LIKE THAT BEFORE. Can we adjust the "Official Stan Smith Power Rankings" accordingly or nah?

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