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We all know that Zlatan Ibrahimovic does what Zlatan wants! The PSG star has been continually labelled among the world’s best players over the past few seasons and for good reason. It is difficult to find many players with his ability to change a game and score extraordinary goals. Yet, he has been somewhat of a shadowed star within the advertising ranks of Nike and the Mercurial Vapor series.

With his contract in the midst of expiring and Neymer/Ronaldo running the ranks of the Swoosh branding, it seems that Zlatan has decided the time is right to make a shift away from the Swoosh. In recent weeks he has been sporting a Blackout pair of Nike Tiempo Legend, some Puma boots and a pair of adiZero F50, and rumors are circulating that he is on the verge of moving brands – but where could he be headed to?

We take a look at the potential brands and where we think Zlatan might be headed next.

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King Zlatan
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Cleat of Choice:
 Puma King II

The time was right for Puma to reinvent the King series in a more modern way, yet they didn’t use a focal player through their release. In fact, we haven’t been able to find too many players currently wearing them and it seems like they are in need of a new superstar. Given the fact Zlatan has been wearing a pair of Nike Tiempo Legends over the past few weeks, it would make sense that he could be “easing” his way from the speed focused Vapor to the heritage focused King.

In the King, he would become the iconic figure for one of the greatest boot silos of all time – and Zlatan likes being an iconic figure! Who knows, they could even call his pair the “Puma King Zlatan”!

Verdict: In need of a new leading player, Zlatan would make a perfect new King.


Cleat of choice: Puma evoPOWER

As a big, strong, creative striker, what boots would suit Zlatan better than the hybrid Puma evoPOWER? It is quite evident that the bid Swede has an affiliation with lightweight speed boots. The evoPOWER is lightweight, but they are focused more on power via the Accu-foam that sits across the forefoot. But unlike other power boots, these are designed to provide a more dynamic performance, and that is something Zlatan could easily take advantage of.

A little extra power to go with those world class goals? Yes please, Zlatan!

Verdict: On paper, the evoPOWER looks like an ideal match for his playing style, but it would be a complete change in performance for Zlatan.

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New Balance
Cleat of choice:

We don’t know a great deal about the upcoming boot release from New Balance, but the initial details have led to the belief that they are going to be an exciting boot. We know that Aaron Ramsey is set to the face of their initial boot release, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Zlatan to be a key player. There is always the potential of creating an entirely new silo based off his direct feedback.

Using the wealth of knowledge gained from their Warrior experience (New Balance recently purchased Warrior Sports) there is huge potential from what the brand can bring to the market. It would be even more exciting if they had one of the best players in the world showcasing what they produce.

Verdict: A brand new range of boots would be an attractive pitch, but it would take some work persuading him.



Cleat of choice: adidas adiZero F50

If he really wanted to make a name for himself, Zlatan would make a controversial switch from across the big boot brand pond. In other words, he would move from Nike and the Vapor to adidas and the adiZero F50. The biggest problem with this one is that he would then sit behind Messi and Bale in the pecking order, and that is the reason we see him leaving Nike and Ronaldo behind. It would take a serious offer from adidas, but they are the one brand capable of elevating his stature to the market.

Verdict: This one seems like the unlikely option, but this is Zlatan and what an extreme move this would be!

Image via Soccerbible.com 
Image via Soccerbible.com


Cleat of choice: Mizuno Wave Ignitus

We could have easily suggested the Morelia Neo here, but that would be way to obvious. Instead, we would want to see Zlatan in a pair of mind bending Wave Ignitus, you know the boots with the Mukuitan panel intended to put extreme mind-bending shots. Zlatan is already known for his shock and awe abilities, so why not add in a pair of modern marvel boots to the mix? Being that they are a Japanese brand, we would also expect Mizuno to create an anime version of Zlatan, with a Japanese voice over to boot. Actually, wasn't he the lead actor in Shaolin Soccer?

Verdict: Sadly, this one is most definitely not on the books!

Last Game nike
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...or Back to Nike 

Cleat of choice: Nike Mercurial Vapor

Could this be a case of Zlatan being Zlatan? Is the big man missing out on some much needed attention? There is the possibility to all of this is just a fictional story that is set to increase how much Nike is willing to keep him on their books. As it is, Zlatan seems to be quite content wearing the speed focused boot, so much so that he swapped back into them after a very brief two week stint in the Hypervenom last year.

If Zlatan decides to stay with the swoosh, this would be the boot he sticks with. Is it time he demanded his own signature release – the Vapor Zlatan? I for one would be interested to check them out.

Verdict: He is currently wearing them, why would he change? That is the question that we all want answered.

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