If billboards of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin weren't enough to convince you that Jordan Brand has officially arrived in Los Angeles, then you have no choice but to believe once you step foot into the Jordan Hangar. Situated on the West Side of L.A. in a 76,500 sq. foot hangar formerly owed by Howard Hughes, the Jordan Hangar is a ball player's paradise and also super exclusive as it's an invitation-only facility. 

Previewed to the media last night, the Jordan Hangar sits on the same grounds where the legendary Spruce Goose was built, a fact that makes the hangar a historical landmark in the city of L.A. The hangar is so big that Jordan Brand is only using half the space. The custom built court was created for Jordan Brand's athlete roster with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul being the main draw. 

Performance has always been a focus at Jordan Brand and the Jordan Hangar is no different. After walking through a Hollywood Blvd style Walk of Fame, you're greeted with a training set up that tests your reaction time, jumping ability, and a special cube in the center of the room that tests your dribbling skills on a Rookie, Pro, or All-Star level. The dribbling drills are modeled after some of Chris Paul's moves and get progressively harder as you move up in difficulty. 

After testing your skills, Jordan has a section set up with their latest offerings in performance apparel and footwear. Last night the focus was on the CP3.VIII, but the Super.Fly 3 was also on hand. The performance section is set up with iPads that show the gear in context with a few of the actual pieces on display.

Larry Miller, president of Jordan Brand, was on hand and spoke about the facility and its sister-site, Terminal 23, in New York. "We're thrilled to be able to open the space in the L.A. We have the one in New York and it has worked out pretty well," Miller said. When comparing the two, the L.A. space is definitely a lot bigger than Terminal 23 in New York. 

Jordan Brand went all in and built a pro-length court with bleachers, stands, and a huge Jumpman emblazoned at half court. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul get their own special places on the court as well with their logos featured at the free-throw lines on opposite ends of the court. Brandon Cresswell, Head of North American Communication at Jordan Brand, spoke about the 100 sq. foot screen that hangs above the court. "We wanted to bring the full NBA experience with the jumbotron. You will be able to see highlights, scores, and instant replays on the screen," said Cresswell.

During the NBA season, Jordan Brand has plans to make the facility available to high schools in the Los Angeles area. In particular, Jordan Brand sponsors a few schools in the area and can expect to see Chino Hills, Loyola, Redondo Union and JW North utilize the space in the near future. 

For the final touch, the Jordan Hangar includes two locker rooms with NBA-style lockers. Making sure that any visitors that come through know whose house this is, both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have personalized lockers that no one else is allowed to use. In-between games, players can also relax and chill in the entertainment lounge which features an Xbox 360, plush leather couches, and what looks to be a 60 inch HD television.