Earlier today, the first of three fragment design x Nike collaborations officially released when the Roshe LD-1000 dropped on NikeLab. Very little is still known about the Hiroshi Fujiwara-designed Air Jordan 1 and Nike Sock Dart, but the two styles have in fact been revealed as official collaborations. There was an unveiling event in Tokyo last month.

Hypebeast recently spoke with the streetwear legend about his upcoming collaborations, including the decision to work on the Air Jordan 1 model. "There was a lot of talk about doing something with the Jordan, so I thought it’d be nice to do the Air Jordan 1 because I wear them a lot," Fujiwara said. "The materials follow the original pretty closely and the toe box appears in a special black that’s popular right now called 'Black Toe.'"

Whoa. Did Fujiwara just say that the quality of the fragment design x Air Jordan 1s are similar to the O.G. iterations? If that's the case, the leather must be buttery.

Fujiwara also mentioned that he wanted to achieve a sense of mystique with the colorway. "I thought to myself how would that look in black and blue, so I sought to create my own sort of urban legend with this latest pair," he said. "It’s one of the many models I like and we were able to get a color combo that wasn’t really possible on the original, so I’m really satisfied with the final result."

[via Hypebeast]