Spectating the New York City Marathon can be just as much of an athletic endeavor than running the race sometimes. While maybe not as intense as running 26.2 miles through the Big Apple, keeping tabs on your favorite runner requires strategic planning and execution, as well as a little hustle.

Luckily for us, the folks over at Runner's World have given us an insider's guide to spectating the world's biggest marathon. First and foremost, the most important thing is developing a plan with the runner you are there to see. Make sure to tell that person exactly where you'll be and what color you'll be wearing. Bringing a sign couldn't hurt either, as you'll want to get the runner's attention as easy as possible.

Another useful tool for navigating the race route is a Citi Bike. Taking the side streets to avoid crowds and traffic is a great way to move around the marathon course. For in-depth borough-to-borough instructions on the best vantage points and transportation options, head over to Runner's World and read their full guide to spectating the race.

[Runner's World]

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