If you're into sneakers, chances are you've got some rope laces in some of your kicks. The lace of choice when it comes to runners, it's been a "thing" for a few years, and one young company has the market in the UK cornered with their quality and correct colour choices. Ropes Laces was founded in 2013 by friends Charlotte and Alex, when they grew tired with the lack of attention to detail shown to what they consider to be a vital ingredient to anyone's sneaker game. No one thinks frayed ropes are a good look, and the London duo sought to remove the danger of fraying by providing good quality ropes. 

The brand has been jumped on by the sneakerheads in London, becoming widely recognised as the lace of choice, thanks to its durability and look. They came to the attention of the team behind Crepe City, the UK's biggest sneaker festival, and it was immediately decided that they would be the first product the Crepe City team put their name to, beyond the event itself. Working from the Crepe City colours of teal and white, the teams produced an extremely limited run of three types of laces; teal ropes with white tips, white ropes with teal tips, and white flats with teal tips, with each lace carrying the Crepe City logo. The laces will be sold at the Crepe City event tomorrow, limited strictly to one complete set per person, with each set packaged in the hand-painted white gift boxes, carrying the Crepe City and Ropes Laces logos.

The Ropes Laces brand has gone from strength to strength in its short lifetime, and has really garnered genuine support from the sneaker community in the UK. There's plenty of big things coming from the young brand yet, so keep your eye on them, especially for the next few weeks.

Check out some more images of the laces below, and head over to their website to pick up some of their quality laces and follow them on Instagram to keep fully up to date with their progress.