It's one thing to get your sneakers wet and ruined. It's another tragedy altogether to get publicly embarrassed because of what's on your feet. Vine user Lance210, who has over 3 million followers, has been playing pranks on anyone wearing sneakers — not just sneakerheads.

In a couple recent Vines, he's seen perpetrating unsuspecting people in bathroom stalls. In one of the videos, he squirts a water bottle under a dude's adidas Springblades, causing him to slip, bare butt and all, on the tile floor.

The other prank might go too far. Lance is seen dosing someone's Nike Air Trainer IIIs in puke. We're in no way condoning any of this. But it's Friday, and if you want a few laughs, watch these Vines.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. Just watch your back, or feet, in any public bathroom.