Unless you live under a rock (are are just too trill for these things) Halloween was this week. Sneakerheads came out in force to celebrate the the event, pairing some kicks with their costumes. Guy Fawkes and Darth Vader both made our list of the 25 Best Sneaker Photos on Instagram this week, each wearing some highly coveted pairs.

Other pairs like a rare New Balance collabs from Solebox, and the new, underrated Solecow 1500. Some IGers helped us see familiar Jordans in fresh new ways, while one user got pensive with their Commonwealth GLVs. Kanye West's design touches hit twice on this list, both with brands who he no longer works with. Time moves forward, right?

Speaking of which, don't forget to get out there and take some IGs of your most flames pairs ever. And don't forget to tag your sneaker shots with the hashtag #complexkicks and follow @complexsneakers on Instagram.

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