Originally launched in 1994, the adidas Predator quickly became a game changer in the world of soccer boots. Before the Predator, technology for soccer cleats seemingly hit a wall. Majority of the cleats from the early '90's were heavy, leather bound designs that were made to prevent injury, instead of improve performance on the field. 20 years later, the Predator has grown leaps and bounds from the original, but it was the vision of Craig Johnson in 1994 that got us to what we know today.

Kit Bag put together this infograph detailing 20 years of innovation and development from of the adidas Predator. The 2014 Predator gave us another revolutionary cleat that focused on directly on player needs, while improving the overall design, aesthetics, weight and control. Today, the Predator is seen on some of the best players in the world, and has also provided us with some of the greatest moments in soccer history. Check out the infograph below, and head over to Kit Bag for more information on this revolutionary line.

Image via KitBag
Image via KitBag


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