Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into one of your wildest dreams? Well, adidas fanatic and SHOWstudio contributor Gary Aspden might be able to tell you. He hand-picked a team of legit adidas 'heads—including Robert Brooks, Ian Brown, and Mike Chetcuti—and headed off to Buenos Aires in search of a legendary store with what can only be described as a shitload of vintage adidas, which he had only ever seen photographs of. Even adidas Argentina hadn't heard of this hidden gem.

Thankfully, the team included a SHOWstudio video camera, and documented the entire trip, as well as interviewing the owner of the Argentinean vintage adidas utopia, Carlos Ruiz. The man behind the store started the project when his son married, and says he knew it would be a lasting project, and an important one.

The scenes shot of the store make it look more like something you would see on a hoarding program, with stacks and stacks of sky-blue boxes—there were even some under the bathroom sink—and its something you really need to see to believe.

Check out the video above and hold tight for the exhibition and collection release next week.