Those sneakers you see in the gallery above may just look like normal sneakers, but they are, in fact, some of the rarest adidas you will ever find on the face of the earth.

The assortment of '70s and '80s-era sneakers were uncovered on a trip to Buenos Aires in which they were found in a small shop owned by Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz held on to the ultra rare shoes because of the memories they evoke of the family he no longer has. Ruiz's collection of adidas inspired a new adidas Original x Spezial capsule collection that will offer premium vintage-inspired adidas. As for Ruiz's collection, they can be found on exhibit in Manchester, U.K. from October 24 through November 2.

Check out the super rare adidas, including a never-before-seen black and red Samba to unheard of models like the Silverstar and Lagoon boot, above and look out for the Adidas x Spezial capsule collection, dropping October 25 at End Clothing.


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