Anyone who’s participated in a Tough Mudder, or any of the other dozen of obstacle runs sprouting up around the country knows how physically and mentally demanding they can be. Complete with mud, wall climbs, rope climbs and just about every other element they can throw your way, Tough Mudder provides athletes with a challenge unlike anything else around.

One of the greatest things about Tough Mudder is the pure emotion and comradery that is built between complete strangers during the race. The challenge of climbing  a 15 foot wall, crawling under barbed wire through mud, or taking an ice plunge will put you through a range of emotion, which ultimately leads it to being one of the most photogenic events ever. Although the winter months are approaching, Tough Mudder is still holding events to put you in the action.  Earlier this week we covered exactly what gear you'll need if your running your first Tough Mudder, but for added inspiration, here's the most photogenic moments of Tough Mudder.

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