Alex Honnold is not your average outdoorsman. The 29-year-old is a professional rock climber, and one of the best in the world. Throughout his years of climbing, Honnold has broken numerous speed records, and is best known for free solo ascents of some of the steepest and most grueling terrain you could ever encounter.

Honnold teamed up with Squarespace to give us a unique prospective on his profession. Laced up in La Sportiva TC Pro, Honnold's latest climb takes him to Yosemite National Park, a place many climbers are all too familiar with. Just looking at the sheer cliff face, there's little explanation needed for why climbers have given it the nickname "Heaven". Like any other athlete, Honnold is superstitious and very methodical when it comes to his preparation for climbing. "Putting my shoes on perfectly and doing everything precisely, it is definitely a meditative process. Each lace has to be in the right place", Honnald says.

While the climb is rather short by many professional standards, it's by no means easy. Honnold knows it takes exactly 18 movements to reach the top, but the verticality and steepness is amongst the most challenging of any cliff in Yosemite. Not to mention he's doing all of this with no gear whatsoever. Check out the video below, and go behind the scenes of one of the most demanding physical sports around.


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