Khloe's been putting in major work at the gym over the last couple months, and her incredible work ethic is paying off. One quick glance through her Instagram feed, and you'll see numerous pictures of Khloe at the gym trying out all kinds of workouts with personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. Peterson is a trainer for many celebrities, but he recently dished on the secrets behind Khloe's workouts, and how her focus and intensity in the gym makes her one of his best clients.

"Khloe is always trying to get better. She's not obsessed or a crazy lady about it, it's just about the work," Peterson told E! News exclusively. "Khloe has her head down. She's got a steady work ethic and there's no over analysis."

Peterson went on to add just how dedicated Khloe is to their workout plan as he said, She's a five days a week person, she kills it. She is always striving to be better."

Gunnar also trains Khloe's brother Rob, who's caught a lot of heat over the last few months because of his weight gain. According to Peterson, Khloe's not the only Kardashian member who's seeing progress.

"Rob's a grinder, he's getting it done," Peterson said. "He's one of those guys who is always going to keep at it. He'll get to where he needs to be and everybody has their path."

Everyone always wonders what the celebrity fitness secrets are, but at the root it always comes down to hard work and dedication to get the body you've dreamed of.


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