Just when it looked like Russell Westbrook had a leg up on the competition in his ongoing battle for alpha dog status with Kevin Durant, the Easy Money Sniper strikes again.

That is because Westbrook is no longer the only man with a signature underwear line in the Oklahoma City Thunder locker room, after KD struck a deal with surf/skate company Neff to launch an underwear line next year. This Avon Barksdale-Stringer Bell-like rivalry is getting so competitive that they are even battling over underwear now.

As part of his deal with Neff, Durant will actually own part of his underwear line. Westbrook currently endorses a line of "boutique" undies with Kings & Jax, which of course feature a whole bunch of zany designs reminiscent of Westbrook's post game attire.

Keep it with Sneaker Report as this underwear saga unfolds and let us know who you think will be the underwear MVP: Durant or Westbrook?

[TMZ Sports]

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