Since the early days of Ray Allen, we haven't seen many Jordan Brand PE's in Milwaukee Bucks colors. Those days are finally back, as #2 overall pick Jabari Parker just kicked off his career by breaking out the first of many Jordan player exclusives.

Jabari laced up a pair of Jordan 12 PE's done in the classic white leather upper, and complimented by Bucks green through the toe area. This is guaranteed to be the first of many Jordan PE's for Parker, but as of now the shoes lack any sort of insignia or branding for the Duke product. Hopefully down the line the two can cook up something as good as "Sugar Ray" or ar least add in his #12 somewhere on the shoe. While these are a rather simple rendition of the 12's, it's good to see Jordan hooking Parker up early in his career. Back in Ray Allen's Milwaukee days, Jordan dropped some of the best PE's in their brand history, so that may be the one reason to watch some Bucks basketball this season.

Check out the shoes in full below, and let us know what you think of Jabari's first ever Jordan Brand PE.

Image via Bucks
Image via Bucks


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