Up-and-coming Swedish brand Eytys is in the business to make footwear. Nothing more, nothing less. The brand, just a little over a year old now, hasn't positioned itself to attract sneakerheads or even the luxury crowd, but that's okay. In fact, according to Business of Fashion, Eytys co-founders Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld​ don't even buy in to what Schiller describes as the "sneaker hype scene." And the mindset hasn't hurt them, as the Swedish label is expected to generate $2.5M in revenue this year. Eytys even opened its first-ever free-standing retail space back in August.

The secret to the young brand's success? Quality.

Eytys is all about providing versatile styles that take quality and comfort to another level—all while still being offered at an affordable price point. The brand's two models, the "Mother" and "Odyssey," done up in a simple upper with a chunky outsole, are a reflection of that mindset.

“What’s great with sneakers is that when you find your favorite pair, you keep on coming back to them,” Schiller told Business of Fashion.

While Eytys designs sneakers without sneakerheads or fashion snobs in mind, its clean silhouettes and simple color-blocking might just grab the attention of said crowds. And if that's the case, don't expect the label to shift its mindset anytime soon. Eytys is in this for the long haul and is focused on longevity instead of hype. "This is something that we want to do for a long time," Schiller said.

[via Business of Fashion]