It's no secret that "Red October" Nike Air Yeezy IIs are a hot commodity. Pairs in deadstock condition sell for upwards of $3,000—more than 12x retail price—and even used pairs break the thousand mark easily. 

If used pairs can get you a stack, just imagine what a deadstock pair signed by Yeezus himself can get you. New Jersey-based sneaker consignment shop Soled Out NYC has a pair of signed "Red Octobers" on sale for $15,000. The sneakers have even been authenticated by Kanye West's holding company, West Brands, LLC.

The current owner got the pair through some lucky connections, starting with Sami Samuels, better known as well-connected sneakerhead @s_universal.

"Sam knows Kanye and got it signed for [a friend], who then sold it to my friend Miguel Lozano in Florida," said Soled Out NYC founder Tony Chen.

If $15k is the market rate for a signed pair of Yeezys these days, the sneakerhead who reportedly turned down $98k for his signed "Red Octobers" must be crying in a corner right about now.

[via Soled Out NYC]