A major goal for any avid runner is breaking through imaginary wall your body sets and getting to that 4 minute mile. To complete this incredible task, a runner not only has to have the strength and endurance to so, but also average roughly 15 miles per hour. A student at Arizona State University is currently working on a new project, that would help even the most novice runner accomplish this insane task.

Jason Kerestes, engineering student at ASU, is working on his newest project, the 4MM or 4 Minute Mile. Through the use duel-thrusters on a jet-pack attached to the lower back of a runner, the device provides the speed bursts needed to propel you to reaching that seemingly impossible goal. The pack is currently still in testing, Kerestes hopes that his invention could help soldiers on the battlefield by aiding in their movement and helping expel less metabolic energy.

While this seems like light years away before it would be available on the free market, it shows just how far we've come when it comes to technology and performance gear. This could revolutionize not only the way we run, but also the ability to protect our country and soldiers, which nobody could ever put a price tag on. Check out the video for more information and details, and let us know your thoughts on this potential game changing invention.


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