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Although the NFL has fallen under heavy scutiny recently, it's still hands down the most popular sport in America. Revenue for the NFL continues to boom, with a major contribuiting factor being jersey sales. With the season underway, fans are headed out to stores to scoop up the jerseys of their favorite teams and players. Dicks Sporting Goods just released a full listing of the most popular jersey by state, and some of the team choices may come as a surprise.

Image via DSG
Image via DSG

A couple of things jump right off the page. Being a New York based operation, many of us are Giant or Jets fans, but it's interesting to see the Bills dominating sales throughout the state. Another thing, apparently the Raiders dominate Montana. Maybe they should consider moving the team there, things couldn't get much worse. A final note of interest is the Colts evidently run Nevada, and people in Alaska love the Rams. Check out the info above, and give us your thoughts on jersey sales throughout America.


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