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Just moments ago we reported that the Air Jordan XI Space Jams are returning as a low. But, we’ve got another rerelease to announce. It turns out that the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” will also be seeing the light of day again. Since it was only last year that these were retroed some buyers may not have even had a chance to take them out of the box yet.

Jordan Brand is the GOAT when it comes to selling you the same thing twice, so let’s go over what’s different this time. The Jumpman from the 2013s has been replaced with “Nike Air” branding, and these are allegedly a part of the remastered program. To this date we haven’t seen any Air Jordan 1s announced as a part of the newly revamped production pattern, so lovers of the classics will have something to look forward to in 2015.

[via Modern Noteriety]