Nike Football's latest campaign stars the always confident Richard Sherman in a series called "Never Finished. The Seattle corner is never at a loss of words, and is always wiling to give his insight and opinion on the opposition, just ask Michael Crabtree. The campaign brings Sherman's personality to the forefront and pairs it with his never ending training regiment that makes him the best corner in the game today.

“No matter what you’ve accomplished, your biggest competition is yourself,” said Richard Sherman. “This campaign really speaks to the fact that the bar is continually being raised, which means I need to constantly elevate my training to meet my own expectations.”

The campaign also features several shorter ads with special cameos from Johnny Manziel, Victor Cruz, Ndamukong Suh, Ken Griffey, Jr., Damon Wayans, Jr., as well as Sherman’s teammates Michael Bennett, Byron Maxwell, Bobby Wagner and Malcolm Smith.

Check out the whole "Never Finished" campaign, and don't let Richard know if you think there's someone better then him. You may not like his response.


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