There is an inverse relationship between the coolness of people who have ponies and clothing items that use pony hair. People who own ponies are decidedly uncool as fuck, but pony hair accents on sneakers? Even as a super masculine man, I can enjoy that. That's why I dig these Opening Ceremony x Adidas Stan Smiths in murdered out pony hair. Released as part of a pack with another model that's coked up with a grey fingerprint pattern throughout, these two limited edition Stan Smith didn't get too much love from the various sneaker blogs that Complex requires you to follow if you work here. Now, I'm sure a lot of the sneakerheads out there are sick of the "Triple Black" colorway that's trending hard right now. Believe me, the guys at Complex Sneakers are so salty about this shit that I have to drink a gallon of water a day to avoid dehydration just by sitting in close proximity to them. But us fashion bruhs? Yeah, we're down with it pretty heavily, fam. The only thing not to like here is the $255 price tag, but, then again, I'm pretty sure there's this old adage written on stone tablets that reads: "It's nothing to stunt." You can pick them up at Wish, but you best hurry.