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WHAT? YOU STILL WEAR ROSHE RUNS? IS IT 2012 AGAIN? Nah, me too tbh, boo. Or rather I will when I get my grubby little mitts on these murdered out Flyknit joints. Damn, what kind of black is that? I mean, the description on Norse Store clearly confirms that these shits are, indeed, black on black, BUT YOU CAN DEFINITELY SEE THEY AREN'T, IN FACT, BLACK ON BLACK. More like, really dark grey-blue-ish on black. Whatever. I'm sticking with my initial murdered out description because I like that phrase and we're already balls deep into this tingaling. Shit, I need a closing sentence, but I've already exhausted all product-related small talk. Oh yeah, they are one hundred and forty seven of your finest euros aka, like, two hundred Americano dollar dollar, making them the most expensive Roshe Runs I've ever seen. Pick them up if you suffer from serious oniomania because Roshe Runs are back, if at least for a day.