If you just happen to fall into a bunch of cash and are in the market for a new toy, look no further then Radinn's Electric Wakeboard.

The Radinn Electric Wakeboard allows riders to easily glide across the water as if they were being pulled by a boat, but is done through the use of a jet-propulsion system. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, the board in controlled by a handheld electric triggering device that lets the driver monitor speed and glides through the water similar to how a jet-ski moves across the water. Explanations simply don't do it justice, you have to watch the video to get a real idea of just how crazy this thing is.

While in the water, the board maneuvers similar to how it would with a conventional wakeboard, and the design on the jet-propulsion system makes for a quiet ride so your not disturbing the peace. The board was also designed to be easily accessible for users, as they can put it in their car or boat, and is compatible with standard wakeboard bindings.

Here's the catch. If you want to own this incredible piece of technology, you'll have to shell out roughly $20,000. While the design and capabilities are incredible, the market for a wakeboard that cost nearly as much as your standard Honda Accord is probably rather slim. Hopefully when the technology becomes more widespread the price point can be driven down a considerable amount. In the mean time, you'll have to just sit back and wait. Or hit the lottery.


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