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Ask this current generation of sneakerheads about ASICS and there's a good chance many of them are experts on the brand's classic runners and limited edition collaborations. Ask them about ASICS b-ball shoes and you'll probably catch them off guard. 

Back in the day, basketball was a key focus for the brand and in 1992, they released the shoes you see here, the ASICS Gel-Spotlyte. As the signature shoe of the Detroit Pistons' Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas, ASICS is paying tribute to "Zeke" with a retro release pack that commemorates key moments in his basketball career. Featured here is the "Olympic" edition which features a traditional "U.S.A." colorway. Yes, Thomas didn't make the Olympic team. He can thank Michael Jordan for that. But there's little doubt that he should've been on the original "Dream Team." While we wonder how history would've been different had he been on the squad, we at least have an idea of what sneakers he would've worn to collect a gold medal.
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[via Sneaker Politics]