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In case you have not heard, Khloe Kardashian and French Montana have broken up. Too bad, because there was real potential for a Hollywood power couple in the works, but like most Kardashian things, many people saw it as a fake, publicity stunt. Either way, Khloe's hitting the gym hard this summer, and is looking to shed some extra pounds (not that we can see it) she said she put on during her time at the Hamptons.

Most people would attribute this "weight gain" to her recent break up, but Khloe made it clear she only has one person to blame....her newly pregnant sister, Kourtney.

Throwing shade at Kourtney and Lord Disick is never a good sign, but after watching Khloe go ham on this rope pull, I doubt either of them will mess with her especially with that new hair cut. Keep doing your thing Koko, you're looking great.


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