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When you talk about the most athletic centers in the NBA, the first name that comes to mind is almost always Dwight Howard. The 28 year-old Rockets big man has caught a lot of heat for his play over the years, with fellow players and coaches going as far as calling him "soft" including Kobe, Shaq, and former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. Although his stats amongst centers are always towards the top, many believe he doesn't do enough based on his strength and athleticism, and expect Dwight to put up numbers comparable to the late Wilt Chamberlain.

This year, Dwight is training harder then ever, and is looking to silence the haters once and for all. One quick look at his Instagram will show his motivation and dedication in the gym, but he still maintains the fun loving and carefree attitude that made him a fan favorite. With the NBA season just around the corner, Dwights offseason routines can pay off in a big way, and ultimately lead to having one of the best seasons in his career.

Reason #1: Dwight's time in the gym this offseason will make him even more of a beast around the boards and low post. No flex zone? Nobody told Dwight.

Reason #2: Variety is key for becoming the best athlete you can be. Dwight implemented several different routines including resistance training to work muscles many people overlook.

Reason #3: Working on his hand eye coordination (sort of)

Reason #4: Another year, another signature shoe as adidas rolls out the D Howard 5.

 Reason #1: In case you had any doubts, Dwight can still jump really, really high.


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