Nike Air just got a whole new meaning.

Teaming up with Seattle-based design firm Teague, Nike has created a concept for an airplane interior specifically designed for sports team travel. No longer will athletes be forced to gamble in what amounts to a first-class cabin! Combining Nike’s sports-performance knowledge and Teague’s experience with airplane design, a whole new concept for team travel has emerged.

By rethinking aviation design to maximize athlete performance, Nike and Teague were able to focus their efforts on four zones they realized were not being sufficiently met by the planes used today. These include physical areas like circulation and recovery through in-flight biometrics and analysis. The plane also features spaces for film study and much improved sleeping cabins for a more prepared team.

At the moment, the airplane is still just a concept. Yet with the current sports climate, every team is looking for the slightest advantage. If an improved interior could provide even the slightest benefit for athletes, we could soon see this plane come to life.


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