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Ever since Wale was flexing with these firey mint LeBron 12s, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see when they were going to drop. There was a rumor it would be October 11 and lo and behold: it's true. The LeBron 12 “NSRL” is set to drop on October 11.

The designs for LeBrons get more and more individual as Nike works around enhancing LeBron’s game. Don’t forget these are shoes tailor made to benefit one person in the world. The “NSRL” in the name stands for “Nike’s Sport Research Lab,” the group of people who work with LeBron to maximize technology to support what he already does. To bring his abilities forward with the work that they do. This first LeBron 12 is to celebrate that partnership, 12 years in.

The single unit upper is textured by a black rubber hexagonal grid. Hard plastic support around the ankles contrasts the flexibility of the rest of the shoe, offer stasis around the response. The flywires ensure and proper fit, and even the outsole wraps around in particular places exactly where they need to be.

To grab these on October 11 you’ll need $200 at 8am EDT. At this time, they’re only available in Men’s sizing.