As the weather cools down and we move into the fall months, that can only mean one thing, marathon season is finally upon us. Anyone who's ever trained to get ready for a marathon, or even knows someone who has, your all aware that each person has their own particular training regimens to prepare, and that includes what type of food they eat prior to the big day. For those of you who still use the carbo-loading technique, you may want to head over to your local Olive Garden.

For the next seven weeks, Olive Garden is holding a special promotion for all you carbo-maniacs by offering a Never Ending Pasta Pass. The passes were originally sold for just $100, but have since sold out, so Olive Garden is now giving away a select number of passes through their Twitter and other social media outlets.

Those who still use the carbo-loading method prior to a big game or race should consider trying to get one of the passes, but you should also know the myths behind this ever popular eating routine. Carbo-loading is the practice of increasing your carbohydrate intake on the days prior to a race as a way to store more energy when race day comes. Research has shown however, that carbohydrate loading has no effect on performance in races lasting less than about 90 minutes, and that the effects are so minimal in longer races that you can't really feel the difference.

Don't worry carb-addicts, although there's no technical evidence that shows your eating habits can aid in race performance, there's also nothing wrong with it whatsoever and provides no ill-effects on race day, so if it gives you confidence and makes you feel better and more powerful, by all means load up your plate.