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Just the other day, Apple debuted the iPhone 6 along with their Apple SmartWatch, the latest devices that look to bring the technology mogul into the next era. Where Apple is looking to further build their brand is through fitness applications that aim to eliminate those pricey personal trainer bills. Equinox is jumping on board by becoming one of the first to integrate Apple's Health app as a primary tracking platform.

Equinox's iOS mobile app will now have the ability to track new data points such as weight, sleep, calories and nutrition, and expand data sourcing so users can sync up with third party apps and learn more about their activity. Members using the app can now further track their movements and have one-click access to all of their health information in one place.

This is just the first company to integrate Apple's latest health app into their own, and it surely will not be the last. The integration from Equinox (one of the largest fitness companies in the world), gives further credence to the Health app, and can give gym goers a more in-depth look at their overall fitness. As usual, Apple is on the cutting edge of technology, and it seems like they're moving closer and closer to becoming a worldwide fitness powerhouse as well.


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