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Pretty sure yoga isn't supposed to give you anxiety.

Rachel Brooke Smith, an actress and dancer, just took yoga to a whole new level, and we mean that in the most literal sense. Smith recently showed off her beauty, balance, and well her insanity, as she performed a variation of yoga moves on a beam 25 stories in the air, while shooting an ad for Cassal activewear.

Image via Shape
Image via Shape

Most people think of yoga on a beach, or other tranquil areas. Not suspended 25 stories above the city. While most of us would get anxiety just looking at her, Smith said she never really felt any danger.

"I did feel safe on that ledge otherwise I would never have done it," Smith said on NBC's Today. "I practice every day and feel extremely confident in the moves that I was doing."

The video will certainly spark imitators, we just hope everyone is safe and takes the proper precautions. Check out the video below, and hopefully this will inspire you to try something new, but try to stay on the ground.


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