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Here's a little bit of information in case you didn't already know. Every pair of sneakers fit differently. Depending on the brand and materials used, sizes of sneakers can differ from model to model, which can lead to some problems in today online market. A local New York shop, Alife, is looking to change the way you shop for basketball sneakers this upcoming season, by allowing consumers to fit test the latest models before they purchase.

According to their Instagram, this Fall, people can come in to Alife's private makeshift basketball court, and try out the latest Jordan's, KD's, and LeBrons. This also marks the first time that Alife is dabbling in performance basketball sneakers, which could only elevate this longstanding brand.

This is a progressive way of thinking for Alife, and hopefully catches on with other stores. Any avid player improperly fitting sneakers can greatly affect your play, and we've all had our bad experiences. Having the wrong size shoe can lead to blisters, twisted ankles, or even more serious injuries, so having the opportunity to ball out before you buy is a great initiative. Hopefully Alife keeps the hits coming this fall, and further expands their collection into performance footwear for all sports.


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