adidas' roster of athletes and endorsers seems to be growing by the day as the Three Stripes continues to revamp their brand. You're all aware of the recent signings of Kanye West and Rita Ora, but adidas Skateboarding just bolstered up their roster with young talent as well as they introduced Na-kel Smith as the latest member.

The 19-year old Los Angeles native is one of the brightest and biggest upcoming skaters in the sport, so it's no surprise adidas scooped him up before one of the other big box skate brands jumped at him. Na-kel not only signed on with adidas, but he recently got the cosign from Tyler the Creator, who called him "one of the best out". Not sure how much weight that actually holds, but it's something.

Let us know what you think of the signing, and if this officially puts adidas skateboarding on the map with other major skate brands.

Image via adidas
Image via adidas


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