Fourteen years isn't really that long of a time when you stop and think about it. In 14 years has the basketball uniform or the baseball uniform really changed that much? No, but one uniform that has changed drastically since the turn of the century is the soccer kit.

The Original Winger stumbled upon a U.S. Men's National Team jersey from 2000 and noticed that it seemed a tad big for being just a large. With their curiosity spurred, the team then grabbed an Italian national team jersey, also size large, and compared the two kit widths. What did they find? Lets just say that the discrepancy was massive.

The U.S. jersey from 2000 measured in at 36 inches across, while the Italian jersey measured in around 28 inches, an almost eight inch difference between the two jerseys. Another notable difference they found was the weight of the jerseys. Like soccer boots, jerseys have gotten lighter and lighter as the years have progressed. While it is unknown just how heavy the 2000 U.S. jersey is, the folks over at Original Winger said it was significantly heavier than this year's Italy jersey.

Look at the photos above to see the evolution of the soccer jersey since 2000 and just try and think about what soccer kits will look like 14 years from now.

[The Original Winger]

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