Would Kanye rock it?

We’re not telling you to follow everything Mr. West does, but when it comes to sneakers and style, it’s a good idea to always ask that question. It’ll save you some headaches and above all else, it’ll draw the attention. That’s what everyone is looking for. Full of premium materials—suede, patent leather, premium leather on the interior, a strap that brings it all together—the adidas C-10 is a new lifestyle shoe that looks like something straight out of a celebrity’s closet. Dropping in three different colorways, the high-end shoe is all you need to stunt. But once you add in adidas pants to go with it, like the Tiro Pant and the Cuffed Fleece Pant, sit back and watch the Instagram followers pile up.

We’re at that point in the calendar when the weather starts getting crispier and sneakerheads start bringing back the pants. Be the man of the year and cop the adidas C-10, fresh with some of the hottest adidas pants you’ll ever find.

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