The Packer Shoes x Just Blaze x Saucony "Snow Beach" will be in the hands of 'Lo heads soon enough. With the release just days away now, Sneaker News has just shared some detailed looks at the epic collaboration.

Inspired by the coveted Snow Beach parka from Polo Ralph Lauren, Packer's Saucony Grid 9000 collab is a true tribute to an iconic piece of apparel. From the overall colorway and materials used to smaller details like the hangtags and pull tabs, the "Snow Beach" Grid 9000 is nothing short of amazing, and does the parka justice. Even the sneaker packaging takes branding to another level and clearly demonstrates how well thought out this project was. For more details on the collab and how everything came about, read Sneaker News' interview with Packer Shoes' Mike Packer here.

Look for the Packer Shoes x Just Blaze x Saucony "Snow Beach" to be available this Friday exclusively at Packer Shoes in New Jersey.

[via Sneaker News]